About us

Prometeu-T today is one of the most significant Moldavian companies in production, processing and commercialization of walnuts and dried fruits.

Since 2005 company permanently enters top 50 Moldavian Exporters' list.

Starting in 1994 as a small company, today, Prometeu-T has its own production facilities, orchards and wide net of suppliers all over Moldova.

Since 1995 the main activity of Prometeu-T is growing, acquisition from producers, cracking, processing, separating in fractions by shape and color and export of walnut kernels and inshell walnuts. In 2008 we also started to produce dried fruits, such as prunes, cherries and apples.

Prometeu-T's main production is concentrated in capital of Moldova – Chisinau. Placed on 12000 m2, factory includes acquisition place, walnut processing facility, drying tunnels, fruit processing line and refrigerator for 600 tones of fresh fruits and vegetables. There is a walnut processing center in the north of Moldova and several own acquisition points around the country.

30 kilometers away from Chisinau Prometeu-T has about 110 ha of its own land. In 2001 we planted 35 ha of walnut trees (there are several varieties of Moldavian walnut as well as the French ones), 50 ha of plums, suitable for drying, 15 ha of almonds, 5 ha of peaches and 5 ha of sour cherries.

For last several years company exports over 1000 tones of walnut kernels.

Our main partners are EU, Turkish and Middle East companies. During 15 years of activity we not only increased our infrastructure, but continuously improved quality of our products.

In its not a long history company already has several important achievements: